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The same goes for video.


New audio clips!



All audio clips are now recorded at the same tempo!


To hear loops of different kashaka rhythms, just scroll down and click on an audio clip: a new browser window will pop open and automatically load and play the clip.


  If you want to have fun and get really creative, open several audio clips at once - they will play at the same time, creating new polyrhythms!   Try playing with two or three versions of the same rhythm, and experiment with the Play /Pause buttons to change the timing and create unique rhythms.   Then try combining different rhythms - the possibilities are endless!

See if you can recreate your rhythmic

creations live with Kashakas!

It can be challenging, but it will be well worth the effort.



One - Handed Rhythms

Mind Blowing
Double Skip Shinfinity*
Spin Wrap Shinfinity*

* = Coming Soon

Two - Handed Rhythms

Mind Blowing
Stag Wrap Ka Ka Kinfinity*
Spin Wrap Ka Sha*

* = Coming Soon


rhythms ending in SHA KA are one handed.

rhythms ending in KA SHA are two handed, with one hand performing a ka sha ka rhythm.

rhythms ending in infinity do not require catching (at least for one hand).

Salsa refers to the clave beat or 6:4 time signature, common to much Latin and African music.


Send in Your Audio Files! Have you come up with any cool rhythms with your Kashakas? We'd love to hear them! It's best if you can email us an audio file, preferably an mp3, as an attachment. Actually, a QuickTime video clip would be very cool too. Whatever you've got. Just click here to email us. Don't forget to tell us what name you think we should give the new rhythm!

If you prefer regular mail, please send us either a cassette or a CDR of your audio files (sorry, no floppies, but Zip Discs are OK). If you're sending video, please send it on VHS, or as DigitalVideo CDR or Zip Disc. If you want the tapes or discs returned, please include a self-addressed envelope with sufficient postage. Click here to see our address.

In return for your generous contribution, you will be allowed to name your new rhythm, and have your name published on this website as the rhythm's creator (if so desired).

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