Nii Tettey Tetteh
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Mode D'Emploi

Ka Sha Ka

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To see slow-motion video of more Kashaka rhythms, just click on any of the video clips below.

And you might want to Bookmark this page (or Add this Page to your List of Favorites using Internet Explorer), because we keep learning new rhythms all the time. As we learn them, we'll record them and put them on the website. The same goes for audio.

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Send in Your Video Files! Have you come up with any cool, unique rhythms with your Kashakas? We'd love to see and hear them, and shame them with the Kashaka community so they can learn to play it! It's best if you can email us a QuickTime video clip, as an attachment. Just click here to email us. IF THE FILE IS TOO LARGE TO ATTACH, WE CAN SEND YOU A LINK TO OUR YOUSENDIT.COM ACCOUNT, WHICH ENABLES YOU TO EASILY SEND US FILES UP TO 2 GB IN SIZE. Don't forget to tell us what name you think we should give the new rhythm!

If you prefer regular mail, please send us your video clips on VHS, or as DigitalVideo on CDR or Zip Disc. If you want the tapes or discs returned, please include a self-addressed envelope with sufficient postage. Click here to see our address.

In return for your generous contribution, you will be allowed to name your new rhythm, and have your name published on this website as the rhythm's creator (if so desired). YOU MUST AGREE TO LET US PUBLISH YOUR NEW INSTRUCTIONAL VIDEO ON OUR WEBISTE IN ORDER TO BE ELIGIBLE FOR THE PRIZE FOR THE FIRST 25 PEOPLE TO MAIL US A NEW, UNIQUE VIDEO CLIP.

The first 25 people who send us new, unique rhythms will also receive a free Kashaka from our new product line! Please include contact information with your contribution in case you're one of the first lucky 25! Maximum 1 Kashaka per person. SHIPPING AND HANDLING ARE NOT INCLUDED. This promotion will be removed from the website when the first 25 contributions have been confirmed and the prizes awarded.

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To see video clips of Nii Tettey Tetteh, one of the world's best Kashaka players, click here.

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