If you want to get really creative, try opening several audio clips at the same time, and you'll create new polyrhythms!

Have fun experimenting with the Play /Pause buttons to change the timing and create unique rhythms.


Then try recreating your rhythmic creations live with Kashakas! It can be challenging, but it will be well worth the effort.


Double Skip

Sha Ka

The Double Skip Sha Ka is one of the more challenging skipping rhythms, and one of the most satisfying to master. My rule of thumb with skips is: the more parallel your spins are to the table surface, the better. Want to make your Kashakas more melodic? Try doing Double Skip Sha Ka rhythms on Chinese Temple Blocks, or even better, LP's Granite Blocks (they're flat on top!). To see a slow motion video clip, click here.


One - Handed Rhythms
Mind Blowing
Two - Handed Rhythms
Mind Blowing


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