If you want to get really creative, try opening several audio clips at the same time, and you'll create new polyrhythms!

Have fun experimenting with the Play /Pause buttons to change the timing and create unique rhythms.


Then try recreating your rhythmic creations live with Kashakas! It can be challenging, but it will be well worth the effort.


Stag Wrap

Ka Sha


ONE HAND: Wrap Sha Ka

OTHER HAND: Wrap Sha Ka (a half beat behind)

The Stag Wrap Ka Sha is one of the coolest but more difficult 2 handed rhythms to play. The good news is that it involves the same no-catching rhythm (Wrap Sha Ka) in each hand. It's important to learn to play as you will get used to starting a rhythm in each hand at a different time - 1/2 a beat apart, then 1 beat, 2 beats, 3 beats. This ability will allow you to play and invent countless more rhythms with Kashakas.

Stag Wrap Ka Sha is also really fun to play because of the rhythms oscillating between each hand. This rhythm sounds particularly good if you are using a natural and a plastic Kashaka in each hand. To see a slow motion video clip, click here (COMING SOON).

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