If you want to get really creative, try opening several audio clips at the same time, and you'll create new polyrhythms!

Have fun experimenting with the Play /Pause buttons to change the timing and create unique rhythms.


Then try recreating your rhythmic creations live with Kashakas! It can be challenging, but it will be well worth the effort.


Throw Sha Ka

The Throw Sha Ka is one of the more challenging rhythms, but also one of the coolest to play and watch. The most important thingto do when throwing the ball is to turn your fingers upwards just after the swinging ball leaves your palm. It takes a bit of practice, but eventually the ball will gently float up and out of your hand, and come down where (and when) you expect it to. To catch the ball, simply make a peace sign and snag one of the balls between your index and middle fingers. Once you get good at catching, try catching the Kashaka behind your back, where you can't see it. Then move on to the Throw Ka Sha. Have fun trying! It will be worth the effort (and all the stooping). To see a slow motion video clip, click here (COMING SOON).


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